Friday, January 16, 2009

A Wing and A Prayer

This might come across as hokey, but I have to say today just feels like a great day. There is a palpable buzz throughout the city, following yesterday's astonishing US Airways crash landing on the Hudson.

I consider myself a fairly spiritual person, and I am a practicing Christian, and I tell you this, what happened on the Hudson River, not ten blocks away from my office was nothing short of a miracle. For the 155 aboard it must have been harrowing and certainly life-affirming. For New York City and beyond, it was a big fat chunk of good news. It was refreshing to open this morning's Post to eight pages of positive news, detailing every aspect of this amazing event. Like I said, it might sound corny, but it sure feels good.

There is no spin that needs to be attached to this miraculous tale. But I did think of a song to reflect the mood.

I Just Want To Celebrate-Rare Earth

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