Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 8 of '08: Still Pretty in Pink

Neo-Shoegazer, New Wave Revivalist or Nue Rave, call it what you will, but M83's Saturday's = Youth (Mute) was a great listen for me in 2008. Considering the fact that I turned the big 40 in November, I found the lush synth-pop a warm sentimental place in which to hide, if only temporarily. If it sounds like the soundtrack to a John Hughes film, its because its supposed too. Anthony Gonzalez, M83 sole member pays homage to all things 80's, going so far as to include a song about Molly Ringwald on the LP (Graveyard Girl), as well as a lookalike in the video and on the album cover.

Ironically, the actual Ms. Ringwald is currently fulfilling the role of the mom on 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager'.

I'm just sayin'.

Kim & Jessie-M83

M83- Graveyard Girl (2008)

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