Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here comes the sun

While I was putting together yesterday's post, I came across a few amazing links that coincide with both our fabulous vaca, and our appreciation of great music.

Over the past few days we've established the music of the Islands to be a) truly unique and b) widely covered, but it goes both ways. What could be better than combining the extraordinary sound of the steel drum with that of the most popular band in pop music history? Irie! Irie!

Ebony Steelband:
Here Comes The Sun
Eleanor Rigby
Penny Lane

For Reggae fans:
Carry The Weight-Dobbie Dobson
Don't Let Me Down-Marcia Griffiths
Blackbird-R Sweat & The Paragons

Good day sunshine, Indeed!
I'm just sayin'

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