Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cruel Summer

Considering it's halfway through October and I am just beginning to post again, suffice to say my summer vacation was a long one. Let the erstwhile musings commence.

For all intents and purposes, the summer started back in July, with an impeccable Wilco/Yo La Tengo show at Cyclone Stadium on Coney Island. A perfect way to kick off summer. Unfortunately, not a week later, it came crashing down as I watched the pitiful wreck that was once Bob Dylan mumble through a completely incomprehensible set at the Mecca of all things hippie, the Bethel Performing Arts Center. It's amazing what 40 years can do. Dylan seems to be slipping into dementia while Yazgur's farm is now a money-making memorabilia machine, replete with plush, manicured lawns and $8 Bud lights.

Didn't see any other shows all summer and wasn't really too bummed about it either. Recently, I have been on a deep 70-80's dance kick that was reignited by my return to roller skating. Thanks to my USB turntable and some delving into the depth of the iTunes Store, I have pretty much rounded out my collection of hard to find 12" from back in the day.

With that, I won't push it too hard for this first return posting, but I do ask that you enjoy these very rare and danceable offerings.

I'm just sayin'.

A Lovers Holiday

I'll Do Anything For You

Heartbeat (Club Version)

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