Friday, December 5, 2008

The other Ringo

At the onset of the British Invasion, and the zenith of Beatlemania, a different Ringo ruled the airwaves. On this day in 1964, actor Lorne Greene wrangled himself a No. 1 hit with 'Ringo'. This spoken cowboy ballad also lassoed the top position for six straight weeks on the 'Easy Listening' charts. Giddyup!

Based loosely on the famous gunslinger, Johnny Ringo, Greene tells the tale of how he nursed the wounded outlaw only to later face him in a showdown. After our narrator accepts his fate, staring down the barrel of Ringo's six-shooter, cooler heads prevail and a happy ending ensues.

No drummers were harmed in the recording of this song.

I'm just sayin'.

Lorne Greene- Ringo

Bonanza Opening Credits

I just had to include this:
Daniel Boone Opening Credits (Spanish translation)

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