Saturday, December 22, 2007

May we rock you?

The sonic juggernaut that was 1993's Saturation was the high water mark for the Chi town trio. The album still rocks hard 14+ years later. Fed by a steady diet of power chords and smack, when time came for a second helping, there was nothing left but scraps.

Fast forward. From Wakefield, England we have The Cribs. Straight ahead rock with a predisposition towards rock star entitlement. When you buzzsaw chords like these guys do, I guess cocky is just part of the job description.
Both bands prove that rock is and always will be fun.

I didn't think there could be a new Urge. I might be wrong. Time will tell, if the lads can steer clear of the scag.

I'm just sayin'.

MP3: Bottle of Fur

The Cribs-Mirror Kissers

Urge Overkill-Positive Bleeding

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