Monday, June 21, 2010

No One Is Ever Gonna Love You More Than Andrew

From an exchange earlier in the day with Rockturtleneck's own, Stephen J. Walsh:

How was the hipster-palooza? Was it hard to hear the music above all the tweeting, uploading, foursquaring and microblogging via iphone?

Actually the most distracting part of the show was the corralling on the part of the event staff. You had to wait on one line for a wristband, then another to purchase drink tickets, and yet a third to actually purchase drinks. On top of that the drinkers were kept in defined areas along the sides of the stage, while people not imbibing alcoholic beverages were free to roam throughout the outdoor venue. So much for the liberal, free thinking, anti-establishment vibe that Brooklyn gives off.

The show was amazing. We missed Karen Elson and waited on one of the va
rious lines during Grizzly Bear’s set, which was lackadaisical at best. That touchy-feely harmony driven pop just doesn’t translate on the big stage the same way it does when played through headphones.

was amazing though. Ben Bridwell started off by saying it was the last show of the tour (or this current leg) which had been like 76 shows in 90 days. The band was loose and having fun. They powered through songs like Funeral early in their set, satisfying the frat boy crowd hovering around Brooklyn Brewery’s impromptu beer gardens.

t 4-5 songs in, there was some kind of altercation- an over enthusiastic fan near the front. Ben made reference to it and found out the guy’s name was Andrew. This would become the running joke of the night. Between songs and in place of actual lyrics, he kept referring to this ‘Andrew’ in the crowd. It became such a gag, that some quick-thinking hipsters in an attempt to be instantly ironic, crafted an ‘ANDREW’ banner and hung it from the window they were viewing the show from, part of an old warehouse building directly behind the stage.

They pretty much cranked through everything, I mean everything. They even added a few spontaneous little jams between songs with some improvised ‘Andrew’ lyrics. These guys are really a great band. I really like all their albums, no matter how simple. And they have definitely gelled into a tight outfit live.

Hipsters notwithstanding, the Waterfront venue was great. Reminded me seeing shows at Pier 84 back when I was kid. Just big enough to feel like a concert, but intimate enough to connect with the band. I like the stage setup at Liberty Park better though, where NYC is the backdrop to the stage.

'Cept the ratio of hipsters to musicians isn't nearly as high in Jersey.

I'm just sayin'.

BoH setlist, 06.20.10 Williamsburg Waterfront:
    1. Am I A Good Man (Them Two cover)
    2. The Funeral
    3. Ode to LRC
    4. Wicked Gil
    5. Blue Beard
    6. Factory
    7. 13 Days (J.J. Cale cover)
    8. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
    9. Islands On The Coast
    10. NW Apt.
    11. The Great Salt Lake
    12. Laredo
    13. Older
    14. Marry Song
    15. Compliments
    16. The General Specific
    17. Encore:
    18. Is There A Ghost?
    19. Weed Party
    20. No One's Gonna Love You
    21. Monsters

A few clips from the BoH instant show last Friday at Grand Central Station, courtesy of AOL. Yes, AOL:

And of course, Andrew:


Unknown said...

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who got a recording or a video of that version of "No One's Going to Love You Like I Do/Andrew"... if so, let us all know!

Actual Monkey said...

I would suggest checking, they might post the show in the next few days.