Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This year's model

To celebrate the release of Elvis Costello's 32nd studio LP, Secret, Profane and Sugarcane, the Monkey is dedicating a full week of posts to the original Napoleon Dynamite.

Spanning Mr. Costello's career of excursions into a multitude of musical genres is no easy task. His chameleon-like aptitude displays more colors than the general assembly of the U.N. That said, We'll break it down, exploring and refracting the spectrum of Rock's true bon vivant.

I'm just sayin'.

High Fidelity

Primary Colors- Elvis, the angry young man:

Pump It Up- Elvis Costello and the Attractions (This Year's Model, 1978)

The Beat- Elvis Costello (This Year's Model, 1978)

Radio Radio- Elvis Costello & The Attractions (SNL, 1977)

Elvis Costello - Radio Radio (SNL 12/17/77) from Mikey Lemieux on Vimeo.

Uncomplicated-Elvis Costello & The Attractions (Blood & Chocolate, 1986)

High Fidelity- Elvis Costello & The Attractions (Get Happy, 1980)

I Hope You're Happy Now- Elvis Costello & The Imposters (Live By Request, 2003)

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