Friday, June 5, 2009

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

Beyond his musical agility, past his cutting verse, what has sustained Elvis Costello some 30+ years since this geeky punker exploded onto the scene with his Buddy Holly specs, skinny ties and size-too-small suits is his ability to continually look into himself while looking out at all of us. Constantly finding inspiration to add to his astounding body of work.

As he has matured, so have his songs. With several brilliant mistakes in the 90's, EC arrived in the new millennium delivering a string of eclectic and fantastic releases, and the Imposter himself has spent this year making a Spectacle of himself on cable television, in what is the ultimate rock and roll master class.

The culmination of said efforts has cemented his status as rock royalty. The following is a nod to Rock's other king named Elvis.

I am pleased that I will in attendance next week, for EC's spring residency at the Beacon Theater. Full review to follow.

I'm just sayin'.

Imagination (is a powerful deceiver)
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

Gold Standard- Elvis, the elder statesman:

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror- Elvis Costello (VH1, 2006)

45- Elvis Costello & The Imposters (When I Was Cruel, 2002)

Still- Elvis Costello (North, 2003)

Heart Shaped Bruise- Emmylou Harris & Elvis Costello (Ovation TV, 2004)

Monkey To Man- Elvis Costello & The Imposters (The Delivery Man, 2004)

River in Reverse- Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint (River in Reverse, 2006)

Sulphur to Sugarcane (Secret, Profane & Sugarcane, 2009)

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