Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Almost Blue

The angry young man does indeed have a softer side. No doubt the fire in his belly sparked the flame that traveled straight to his heart. The result: a collection of torch songs that rank among the greatest ever written.

Many of Elvis Costello's earlier ballads are directly attributed to his tempestuous affair with the legendary groupie/model Bebe Buell. Their on-again, off-again romance provided the grist for several of his most aggrieved and personal offerings. Others give the appearance of love songs, but are really just cleverly disguised protest songs. Wait, isn't that the same thing?

I'm just sayin'.

Almost Blue
My Dark Life (w/ Brian Eno)

Almost Blue- Elvis, the hopeless, forlorn romantic:

Alison- Elvis Costello & The Attractions (1st TV appearance, Granada Reports, 1977)

Accidents Will Happen- Elvis Costello & The Attractions (Armed Forces, 1979)

Man Out Of Time- Elvis Costello & The Attractions (Letterman, 1982)

Riot Act- Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Almost Blue- Chet Baker (Let's Get Lost soundtrack, 1988)

That Day Is Done- Elvis Costello co-written by Paul McCartney (Concert for Linda, 1999)

Shipbuilding- Elvis Costello & The Attractions (1982)

I Wanna Be Loved- Elvis Costello & The Attrctions (1984)

Everyday I Write The Book- Elvis Costello & The Attractions (1983)

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