Monday, April 20, 2009

Madchester United!

The Disco fever that had us in it's grip finally broke over the weekend. It's bound to return, but until it does let's focus on the dreary little hamlet of Manchester.

I just watched 24 Hour Party People again on IFC last night (for the umpteenth time). Brilliant movie. Brilliant cast. Brilliant story, and most of all, in an appropriate homage to Tony Wilson, brilliant music.

I had just reached legal drinking age when the Madchester scene split the shores of England and headed our way. Not a big fan of Ecstasy, I chose a variety of other hallucinogens to aid in my enjoyment of the music. Turns out twenty years later, I didn't really need them. The music is pretty good all by itself.

My fondest memory was from '91. After I had cleaned up my act, me and a few fellow ravers went to see Soho and Jesus Jones and at Nassau Community College Student Union, then high-tailed it over to the Malibu to catch EMF and The Happy Mondays, all on the same night. I can still remember Bez, totally tweaked out of his mind up on stage. All I could think was "wow, that guys is really, really high". They were amazing. I was never convinced Shaun Ryder was a genius. He was definitely a hooligan. But man, those mad bastards knew how to groove.

A few weeks ago my cousin posted a recent infomercial featuring Bez, hawking Madchester's greatest hits. I am convinced this guy is more fried than a bucket of the Colonel's original recipe.

I'm just sayin'.

MonkeyMix: Madchester & Beyond
1. Step On
2. Fools Gold
3. Loaded
4. The Only One I Know
5. Cübik
6. 24 Hour Party People
7. Connected
8. Kinky Afro
9. Come Together
10. This Is How It Feels
11. Country House
12. Laid
13. I Wanna Be Adored
14. Dennis And Lois
15. Then
16. Movin' On Up


File under glaring omissions: There's No Other Way

Bez's Madchester Anthems (2008)

Happy Mondays- Step On (1990)

Stone Roses- Fools Gold (1990)

Primal Scream- Loaded (1990)

The Charlatans- The Only One I Know (1990)

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