Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How long has this been going on?

Happy birthday to rock journeyman Paul Carrack. The ex-Ace/Roxy Music/Squeeze/Mike & The Mechanics keyboardist turns 58 today. An accomplished session player, Carrack has also gigged with the likes of Nick Lowe, the Pretenders and the Smiths.

I remember How Long getting some serious air play in our house when I was a wee lad. It was one of my Mom's faves and she would play it repeatedly. Great tune.

BTW, nice kofia on Mr. Carrack. From the research I did to find a suitable picture, seems like it's a staple of his wardrobe. His hairline may have receded, but his career goes on.

I'm just sayin'.

How Long
Silent Running

Ace- How Long (1974)

Roxy Music)-Oh yeaH (1980)

Squeeze- Tempted (1981)

Mike and the Mechanics- In The Living Years (1988)

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