Thursday, March 12, 2009

One step beyond

No respectable homage to Ska would be complete without a nod to the rockinest, rock-steady beat of Madness. This Camden group flourished during the 2 Tone era, delivering a string of hits, Ska and otherwise.

Madness holds the distinction of being the defacto house band for the British 80's sitcom, The Young Ones.

Yet another band celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2009. The band (which has been reunited for several years) will tour in support of their upcoming release, The Liberty of Norton Folgate. Bring back the...who is the...we want the...bring back the Prince!

I'm just sayin'.

The Prince
It Must Be Love
Our House

One Step Beyond

Madness - House of Fun (The Young Ones, 198?)

Madness- Our House (The Young Ones, 198?)

Madness- The Prince (TOTP, 1979)

Madness- One Step Beyond (1982)

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