Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Never been to Cleveland

Just a little rant. From an email sent to Mr Walsh. discussing Monday's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony:

I hope the Hall never acknowledges the New York scene. I think the RnRHoF and the Grammy's are hollow accolades, distributed to placate industry types who love to say, “ I was there when...”

Truth be told, rock is/was never about history, it’s all about the now. The RnRHoF is a museum, a repository for artifacts, dead history. I think once a year they should take an Elvis jumpsuit or something and burn it.

And handing out awards, what bullshit. The Grammy’s are so out of touch with music, always have been. It was nice to see a Jazz record win best album, but did you even hear about it before the awards? I can say without having heard it myself, it is not Herbie Hancock’s best work. Kinda like a lifetime achievement award I guess....and the worst thing to happen to Amy Winehouse was collectiing all those phonographs. Can you say Lauryn Hill?

The industry needing to legitimize itself with awards. So pretentious. And the amazing thing is that the music biz is dying, flopping around like a fish on a boat, gasping for air, not knowing what to do to stay alive.

Last week we went to the Plug Awards, get this, an ‘Indie’ awards show...totally a waste, they had a ‘blogger pit’. Sickening. If not for the standout performances by St. Vincent and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, the night would have been a complete write off.

I'm just sayin'.

St. Vincent- Now, Now.mp3

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TCB Walsh said...

What a stimulating discourse. As I said in my email to Mr. Donelan, the blogger pit is the mosh pit of the 00s.