Monday, March 17, 2008

Killer Set of Pipes

Although it's St. Patrick's Day and I always associate it with bagpipes, the Scots were really the ones to put the pipes on the map.

The following is lifted from

"As a musical instrument of war, the Great Pipes of the Highlands were without equal, according to historians. The shrill and penetrating notes worked well in the roar and din of battle and pipes could be heard at distances up to 10 miles. Because of the importance of the bagpipes to any Highland army, they were classified as an instrument of war by the Loyalist government during the Highland uprising in the 1700s. After the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745, kilts and bagpipes were outlawed, the pipes being classified as instruments of war."

The roar of the pipes. Must have scared the piss out of the enemy.

I'm just sayin'.

Scotland The Brave.mp3

Scottish Jig.mp3

Ode To Joy.mp3

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